Decline In Desktop And Laptop Sales Reveals Rise In Tablet And Mobile Sales



(Reuters) – Strong demand for tablets such as Apple’s iPad will help worldwide shipments of web-enabled devices rise in 2013, offsetting a decline in desktop and laptop computers, research company Gartner said on Monday.

The personal computing landscape is a changing. There was once a time when the only computing we did was at a desk behind a glowing CRT monitor and a huge desktop PC that hummed along next to you. Those were the days when viewing high res images could take minutes to accomplish. Now we are finding some mobile networks offering faster speeds than broadband or DSL companies. Then we made ourselves just a bit more mobile with the laptop and netbook. Now instead of sitting at a desk, we could sit at our couch, or bedroom. But computing devices are becoming even more mobile and internals are becoming more powerful, energy efficient and produce less heat. With the exception of heavy programs and database programs, the average user is finding it easier to be productive with tablets and mobile devices.

(Reuters) – Combined shipments of computers, tablets and mobile phones will reach 2.32 billion units in 2013, a 4.5 percent increase on 2012, Gartner forecast. Shipments of tablets are expected to rise 53.4 percent to 184 million.

Traditional desktop and laptop computers will continue to decline, with shipments forecast to total 303 million units, an 11.2 percent drop on 2012, the research group said.

The mobile phone market will continue to experience steady growth, it said, with shipments projected to increase by 3.7 percent to more than 1.8 billion units, it said.

Price competition is strongest for the smaller, 7-inch, tablets, Gartner said.

“We expect this holiday season to be all about smaller tablets as even the long-term holiday favorite – the smartphone – loses its appeal,” said Carolina Milanesi, the firm’s research vice president.

How about you? Have you traded in your desktop and laptop for a tablet and smartphone? Have you lost interest in smartphones and only use a tablet?

Source: Reuters

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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