Move Over Snuggie Hello Yon Wearable Blanket!


So you think your Snuggie is the best wearable blanket out there? Well throw that thing out and take a look at the Yon Wearable Blanket! 😛 LOL

The “Yon Wearable Blanket” eliminates every struggle of any standard travel blanket that requires endless tugging and stretching to find comfort. Made in America of a premium fleece textile, the blanket resists pilling and is machine washable. It’s currently available in six different solid hues and for best fit and comfort two sizes, s/m and l/xl. The versatility of the wearable blanket starts with two round arm openings in front with stretchy soft cuffs, front pocket for accessories, top front black fabric hood that can be pulled over the head for a cozy nap, and a detachable Velcro pouch that can be used as a foot warmer. It also has convenient two-side straps that can clip on to luggage or carry-on, and the blanket rolls into its own pouch to become a pillow. The Yon wearable blanket covers head to toe with comfort and warmth!

Well, I’m sure there is a market out there somewhere for these things but you won’t catch this writer wearing one anytime soon!

Yon Wearable Blanket

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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