Swatchmate Cube Portable Color Detecting Sampler

Whoa! A portable color detector that works with your smartphone. The SwatchMate Color Cube is a small device that enables you to grab any color from any surface with the click of a button. The cube then transmits the data collected to your smartphone via bluetooth into the SwatchMate app. There is even integration into Photoshop for those digital artists that may want to use this gadget. Even if you don’t have your smartphone on you, the cube will store up to 20 samples locally. SwatchMate has a list of people whom this may appeal to which include

  • Renovators
  • Interior Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Photographers
  • Brand Managers
  • Creative Types

SwatchMate will be launching a KickStarter campaign on November 13th, be sure to click the link below to check our their website and watch the video after the break.

Swatchmate Website


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