Nvidia: The Future Of Applications Is Streaming Not Installation



The folks at Nvidia have an interesting theory post over on their blog. They believe the future of applications is the stream. Just as we’ve shed the use of physical media in favor of downloadable installations. They believe downloadable installations will soon become a thing of the past. Time savings is a big factor in their theory, a 20GB game can take up to four hours just to download on a 10Mbps connection. Even desktop applications can reach 10GB making those downloads up to 2 hours. Nvidia believes that this can all be avoided with cloud computing and virtualized GPUs, they believe we are at “the dawn of app streaming”. Here is a list of reasons they have come to this conclusion.

Several announcements this month show that we are at the dawn of the era of app streaming. Consider the following:

  • Amazon Web Services launched its G2 graphics instances based on NVIDIA GRID technology

  • OTOY released ORBX, software that sits on top of a G2 instance and enables any application to be streamed to your browser

  • Autodesk said it’s testing with OTOY the streaming of a suite of workstation apps to a browser using the NVIDIA GRID-based G2 instance

  • Playcast deployed its cloud gaming system to the AWS G2 instance and demonstrated Warner Bros’s “Batman: Arkham City” video game streamed to your smart TV

  • Mainframe2 demonstrated Adobe Photoshop running on NVIDIA GRID at AWS and streamed to a browser

  • Amazon announced AppStream, an in-house software for streaming apps

Phil Eisler has many more thoughts on the subject and I believe that he could be right about moving applications to the stream. But what about Google Fiber? As speeds increase and we move beyond 10Mbps speeds, download speeds become less concerning. So then where does that leave the argument for application streaming? Physical storage space? Head on over to Nvidia’s blog and read the rest of what Phil Eisler has to say.

Nvidia Blog

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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