The Google Glass Sunshade, Potential For Abuse?


One of the major complaints about Google Glass, from many people, has been the contention that those with Google Glass could take pictures and video of others without their knowledge. The counter to this complaint has always been that Google Glass’s prism light alerts anyone as to when the device is in use so none should have to worry about candid shots. Well now Google Glass Explorer Chris Barrett has invented a new “Sunshade” for Google Glass that actually covers up that prism so other cannot see if it is on or off. Before we take Chris to the chopping block we have to clear up that his Sunshade device was not invented with the intention of taking candid pictures without someones knowledge.

Sunshade was invented to improve visibility for Glass users in bright sunlight. As we do not have Glass, we cannot confirm if bright sunlight is indeed a user issue or not. But the potential for abuse from this product is inarguable there. But then there are the counter arguments about the dozens of cameras that are already watching us daily. From red light cameras, ATM cameras, store cameras and your own webcam. Someone somewhere is always watching someone sometime. What do you think of Sunshade for Google Glass? Let us know in the comments below and hit the source link for more on Sunshade and Chris Barrett.

Source: CNET

Sunshade Project

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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