Remotte, The First Remote Control For Google Glass



As if the touch interface on the side of Google Glass was not enough, Remotte LLC has come up with a handheld remote for your Google Glass. Check out the video below.

Remotte is the first remote control designed specifically for Google Glass and it is the perfect complement to fully enjoy this new “r-evolution.” After several months working on the design and getting feedback from several “Glass Pioneers,” our team has developed a device that significantly improves the user experience on Glass. Remotte allows private and comfortable use in a faster, more intuitive and simpler way. Connecting your Remotte via bluetooth you can easily access the essential functions of Glass or any other compatible device.

Remotte linear touchpad has a “replica” of the Google Glass touchpad and additionally has other elements such as a second circular touchpad, central and frontal buttons, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and a vibrator and a buzzer that maximize your communication capabilities with your remote devices.

Remotte has 25 days left to raise its $70,000 goal, are you going to support this kickstarter? Hit the link below to check out the kickstarter page.

Source: Remotte

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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