Samsung Patents Comfort Zone (Ease Of Use) For Phablets



Alex Colon of Gigaom is reporting that, Samsung has a new patent out that could make using big phones (Galaxy Note) much easier for consumers with small hands. There are many users who love their phablets and have no issue at all reaching the entirety of the screen. But not everyone is blessed with such large hands or long fingers. There are many who would love to have a larger screen but simply find it inconvenient because they can’t operate the device with one hand. Looks like Samsung is betting that this “Comfort Zone” patent might bring more users into the phablet realm and boost sales of it’s Galaxy Note line. Alex Colon from Gigaom says.

Samsung addressed the size issue recently in the Galaxy Note 3, which includes the option for one-handed operation (or “tiny screen”) mode. This shrinks the screen down to a smaller 3.5-inch window, which you can move around to the position of your choice. This is helpful, but it’s also a huge waste of space. What’s the point of using a 5.7-inch phone when nearly half the screen the is completely blank?

It is unclear if the comfort zone described in the patent would still be applicable to the parts of your phone that aren’t controlled by Samsung’s interface, such as when you’re running an app. My guess is that you’d automatically switch back to standard mode, but this is still a major boon for navigating your way around the primary UI of a large device.


While I have been critical of Samsung’s software in the past, and I still don’t care for it much. I do think this is going in the right direction. It’s always exciting to see a company innovate something new and useful. Some of the new software offerings from phone companies can  be gimmicky, but this has real potential. Hit the link below for source.


Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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