Microsoft Working On The Smartbra



Researchers at Microsoft are working on a smartbra that can detect stress levels and monitor skin and heart activity which can give indications to mood. The purpose of this project is to see if the technology can prevent stress-related over-eating. The smartbra communicated data to a smartphone app letting the wearer know when they were most susceptible to “emotional eating”. Microsoft recruited a group of ladies to test the smartbra for six hours a day over the course of four days.

“It was very tedious for participants to wear our prototyped sensing system, as the boards had to be recharged every three to four hours,” Microsoft senior research designer Asta Roseway said.

Wearable tech is finding its way into just about everything these days, what do you think of the smartbra?

Source: BBC News

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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