Canada’s Competition Bureau Files Legal Motion Against Search Giant Google



Reuters is reporting that Canada’s Competition Bureau has filed a legal motion against Google citing that Google is using it’s “dominant” position in an abusive way. Canada joins the the United States and European authorities who have similar motions in their respective countries against Google.


The bureau commissioner, in a federal court filing dated December 11., is seeking an order requiring Google hand over information about its business practices, including contracts.

A spokeswoman for the Competition Bureau said the decision to seek the order was based on the fact that Google has, or is likely to have, information relevant to the bureau’s probe of the company’s practices.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The scope of the Canadian investigation is similar to those being conducted in the United States, European Union and elsewhere.

The bureau said it has reason to believe Google has, since at least 2005, engaged in anti-competitive behavior. That includes signing exclusive deals with mobile operating system developers, web publishers and web browser developers, and giving preference to its own services, such as Google News, over its competitors’ content.

There is no question that Google is king of the hill when it comes to search. The questions these motions bring are valid. Did Google get to the top by making not so fair choices? What do you think? Do you think the motions filed by Canadian, United States and European authorities have any chance of producing the outcome they’re seeking? Hit the link below for source.


Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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