Review: iLuv MobiRock Bluetooth Speaker And Qi Wireless Charger Dock

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Last we saw iLuv I reviewed their MobiAir Bluetooth speaker dock and thought it was a pretty nice little dock. This time around I was given access to iLuv’s MobiRock Bluetooth Speaker and Qi Wireless Charging Dock. Read on ahead and see what my thoughts are on this piece of equipment.

The Good

I’ll be honest, the first time I saw the iLuv name I wasn’t expecting much at all. My thoughts were firmly planted on cheap, poorly made, chintzy products. A lot of times companies like to use the “i” moniker to boost sales on Apple’s coattails. But I couldn’t have been more wrong in my assumptions. The MobiAir was a great little dock in its own right, but when I unpacked the MobiRock I was truly blown away. First off, the packaging was just perfect, minimal and well done. The presentation was perfect, when the company makes opening their box an experience you know they’re doing something good.

The MobiRock is a beefy speaker/dock/charger, much larger than the MobiAir and much more premium looking and feeling. The materials are quality, and there is not a sight of cheapness here at all. The glossy plastic casing is very eye catching, but might also catch a few fingerprints. The speakers are covered in a nice black mesh material that is also very well made. Usually in my reviews I cover aesthetics and build quality.  It’s an important part of the product for me and I love to give feedback on it.

So on to what this thing’s made for. What’s it sound like? How does it charge? First, let’s give you a quote from iLuv’s website which will shed some light on what they call jAura Sound Technology.

Scintillating Sound with jAura® Sound Technology

Hear music like you’ve never heard it before. MobiRock™ uses jAura® Technology, an advance in sound technology that delivers music with exceptional clarity and balance, so you can appreciate sound at its best. You can expect phenomenal, full 3D sound from each finely tuned component of this speaker.


This is the first I have heard of jAura but I will say this, the sounds coming from this dock are simply amazing. I was able to use my LG G2, Galaxy Note 2, iPhone 5, MacBook, Sony Vaio, Nexus 7 and Dell Venue 8 without any issues. Pairing was simple and fast, especially with the NFC enabled devices. Simply tap your NFC enabled device on the top of the MobiRock and pairing is initiated. For non NFC devices it’s as simple as opening Bluetooth and scanning for devices. Both methods are simple with no hassles at all.

Back to the sound. Unlike the MobiAir, which lacked in the lows and wasn’t made to fill a room. The MobiRock has nice deep rich bass and wonderful highs and mids. It easily fills a living room with rich sound and is hands-down one of the best speakers I have ever used. I felt very comfortable turning the music up and heard no signs of cracking or fuzz whatsoever. I wouldn’t count on this being an immersive experience for a nightclub but a living room bedroom or kitchen, yes it does more than a good enough job. Thumbs up to the sound quality of the MobiRock, their jAura technology is something to look at.


The dock also doubles as a charging station for USB devices. Simply plug your USB cord into the back and plug your device in. Charging is fairly fast and straight forward. But what’s even more special about this docks charging capabilities is that it is equipped with Qi Wireless charging for devices that support it. The LG G2 is one such device and I was able to test this feature with good results. The wireless charging is a little slower than that of the USB charging but having no cords is certainly a plus. Overall this works well as a charging dock, though you might have to wait a little longer with wireless charging (and that’s just the nature of Qi wireless charging).

The Bad

The MobiRock is without question one of the best speaker docks I have ever used. But not everything is perfect. I love the touch controls and I love that they light up, it adds a nice touch to the look and premium feel of the product. But I found them to be very bright and sometimes you don’t want things bright. If there were a way to dim them or perhaps a sensor that could tell the unit when it was in low light and it would dim itself.


One of the other complaints I would have is the voice prompts. While the British female voice that gives the voice prompts (telling you when your device is paired or when the unit is on or off) is lovely, it’s just all together loud and sometimes can be annoying. Again, maybe include an adjustment for the voice prompts, give people the option to turn them off, on, up or down. I like the feature and functionality of the voice prompts. They just needed a better execution.


The MobiRock is easily in the top tier of speaker docks. It has immersive rich sound that balances the low end, mids and highs well. It seems their jAura technology works well. The MobiRock is well suited for larger rooms in your home, it will certainly produce rich and wonderful sound. The wireless charging is a great bonus for those with wireless charging devices. USB charging is simple, effective and straight forward. The NFC pairing is actually very awesome and very easy to use. I really enjoyed the ability to use any device with Bluetooth to stream music to the MobiRock. The only lows I could find were the bright touch control lighting and the very loud British woman giving me prompts. Overall this is an excellent product with very minor annoyances. I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. You can pick up your iLuv MobiRock at the link below for $199.99.


iLuv MobiRock

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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