Review: Poetic SlimLine Case for Nexus 7 (2013)

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Poetic is one of the tech industry’s leading smartphone and tablet case and accessory manufacturers. Recently I got my hands on one of their SlimLine cases for Google & Asus’ second generation Nexus 7 (2013) tablet. A full-featured 7-inch Android tablet, the Nexus 7 has seen both critical praise and, subsequently, a ton of accessories licensed for it. Before I begin the review, just a reminder that what I look for in a case is different than what you may look for in a case, so this case may or may not fit your needs.




My lifestyle keeps me constantly on the move. I’m often traveling between work and home, so I need to carry devices that are both powerful and relatively lightweight and portable. For that reason, besides the excellent technical specs of the tablet, I chose the Nexus 7 to be my go-to tablet. Generally, I rarely put cases on my devices, but I wanted to keep my tablet safe from harm while on the road and at rest. I also didn’t want to carry something akin to the size of a textbook – the case for my Nexus could not be bulky or cumbersome, or it would defeat the purpose of buying a 7-inch tablet. I decided to try a Poetic case, as I had had a few in the past and had always liked the simplicity and protection.


When I received my SlimLine case in the mail, I snapped it on over my Nexus 7 and immediately noticed that the build quality was very high. The fit is excellent, and holds tightly to the tablet. The case made the tablet feel a bit heavier than it previously had, though still not as heavy as even a slightly larger tablet without a case. The Nexus 7 is, after all, one of the lightest tablets ever produced. The slight increase in heaviness is due to some welcome protection from the case. The outer edges of the case are made from a very solid-feeling plastic that acts as a protective bumper against drops and dings, and really feels like it would protect from most general accidents.



There is an imitation leather-like material that covers a portion of the back of the case as well as the folding cover. It feels rugged and lends a significant amount of grip to the case that other cases lack. Once in a while I come very close to dropping my phone and if that happens with my tablet, I’ll appreciate the extra grip of the case. I like this material, as it makes me feel more confident that my Nexus 7 isn’t going to slide out from between my fingers.


The inside of the case is made of a dust-resistant microfiber cloth, as is the cover. I like that Poetic decided to use a microfiber cloth for the inside of the cover, as it gives me peace of mind that my tablet’s screen is safe against a soft cushion. Cases made with other materials may have rough materials for the insides of their covers, leaving potential to cause issues with scuffing and scratching. I can rest easy knowing that my case does not share these issues as long as the microfiber cloth is clean. My only issue with the microfiber cloth is that it could easy become stained or ruined. That is, however, an unavoidable result of actually using the things you buy in your everyday life, and should be approached with the disposition that it’s entirely possible to muck up your case easily simply because you’re a human being.


I chose the SlimLine model because it is just that: Slim. This fit my requirement for a case that wasn’t bulky, but it also gave me better viewing angles than a couple of other cases I’ve tried. One of the greatest assets to this case is that for all of its formfitting slimness, it doesn’t sacrifice much in the way of protection. Except for the openings for the buttons, dual speakers, charging and headphone ports, and camera, the entire tablet is totally covered either by the plastic backing or the folding cover.


0103141642I wholeheartedly recommend this product. It’s sleek, protective, and not very expensive, coming in at around $17.00 USD. You can purchase one here.


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Last Updated on December 28, 2015.


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