Avegant Glyph Virtual Retinal Display CES 2014 Stand Out

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After years of development and research, Avegant is set to release the beta consumer concept of the Avegant Glyph Virtual Retinal Display.

The Glyph™ headset integrates a brilliant, vivid video display and premium audio experience in a unique flip-down form factor. Consumer units will be available by Kickstarter on January 22 for $499 and will ship later in the year.

Key to the innovative nature of Glyph™ is its optical engine called a Virtual Retinal Display. Using a low powered LED, a series of custom optics and a micromirror array, the visuals produced by the headset are crisper and brighter than those from conventional display technologies. This creates an environment perfect for media consumption from 3D movies to desktop environments to streamed television shows. Integrated head tracking allows for immersive, responsive gaming that is compatible with all of the latest consoles and games.

“We’ve created a premium media experience that people can use with music, movies and games on any device they already own, including their smart phone. Integrating high-end audio with the Glyph™ and packaging it into a forward-thinking design is critical to a great experience “said Allan Evans, CTO of Avegant.

“Avegant has made some great progress improving core technology that will make generalized virtual worlds possible,” added Phillip Rosedale, creator of Second Life.

Avegant plans to unveil Glyph™ Beta headsets to the public and media at CES on January 6. The headset will make its first public appearance at NBCUniversal cable network Syfy’s CES 2014 event “Who Will Take Your Brand Into the Future?”, part of VivaKi/Publicis Groupe’s “Bright Lights, Big Ideas” CES initiative.

Said Michael Engleman, EVP Marketing, Digital and Global Brand Strategy, Syfy, “We’re excited about featuring Avegant to debut the Glyph™ at our CES event.  It’s an extremely innovative product that perfectly demonstrates the next wave of how consumers, and more specifically our audience of Igniters, experience immersive entertainment.”

Hit the link below for Avegant’s website and keep an eye out on Kickstarter for their campaign on the 22nd of this month!


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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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