Review: Blueflame Magnetic Conductive Charger For iPhone 5/5s CES 2014 Stand Out

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It was the last day of CES 2014, the vendors were breaking down their booths, people were rushing to shuttle lines ready to get on with life after CES. I too was making my way to the shuttle to Mandalay Bay so I could collapse into bed and rest. That’s when my buddy Rafael from AndroidSPIN found me and started telling me about this really cool iOS product I just had to see. We had 30 minutes until the last shuttle, this product was at the back end of the Las Vegas Convention Center Central Hall, challenge accepted.


What we found in the back of Central Hall was, Blueflame. A small accessories company with a large look. I had no time to browse, my eyes were square on this amazing product Rafael told me about. I found it, the iPhone 5/5s magnetic conductive charger aptly named, The Conductor. I spoke to the booth representative and after a minute or two he agreed to give me a review unit. Thank you’s and business cards exchanged we bolted for the shuttles, making it just in time.

Finally back home in Chicago I took The Conductor out of my bag, as always my first look at a product is its packaging and presentation. Blueflame does not disappoint in this category. Packaging and presentation are top notch with a nice rigid box with magnetic clasp and clean and minimal design. Usually a companies first mistake is going cheap on packaging, no issue here in that department.


Inside the box you’ll find a white case for the iPhone 5/5s which houses the magnet that will charge the iPhone. And the wall mount which plugs into a standard outlet and also houses the other magnet. This thing is super simple to use, its basically idiot proof. Insert phone into case, plug mount into wall, peel off any stickers and mount case with phone on to the wall mount. The phone starts charging almost immediately and the wall mount glows blue to show it is charging. That’s it, super simple to operate and setup.

Through my testing I found The Conductor to be a very effective way of charging your iPhone 5/5s. I drained my phone down to 15% and The Conductor charged it back to 100% in just over an hour and a half, not bad at all. This thing is super effective and a great solution to eliminate wires completely.

Now, for my only complaint (and one even Blueflame acknowledged to me). You are pretty much stuck with the one case option from Blueflame. The white square case is not the most attractive case out there and some may not find it to their liking. If you’re willing to look past that one thing The Conductor is an awesome charging option that I would highly recommend.


I have no problem giving The Conductor 4 stars out of 5. The one and only reason it loses a star is because of the proprietary case, but you can’t charge your phone magnetically without it. The idea is grand and I think it could really take off. Perhaps Blueflame could break this package up by making the magnetic case in different styles and colors and offering the wall mount separately. But for now, if you can live with the case included The Conductor is a monster of a charger. Highly recommended. Hit the link below to get your Conductor.

Blueflame Wesbsite 


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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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