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tylt-syncable-blue-one-foot-casingI recently received a TYLT Syncable Charge & Sync cable in the mail, and felt the need to share my review of this device. I’ve never owned a TYLT product before, but I did some research on their website and came up with one simple conclusion: This company makes some really interesting looking products!

Take the Syncable, for example. It comes in two models, the Lighting model for iPhone 5 and newer Apple products and the micro-USB model which will fit just about every other modern mobile device. I received the micro-USB model for testing purposes. The Syncable comes in a variety of colors for both models. A lot of TYLT’s cable products feature a flat ribbon cable, and the Syncable is no exception to this style. What’s great about the flat design is that it bends but doesn’t warp much – it can’t be as easily rolled apart or broken like standard round data and charging cables. It’s also made out of a very durable rubber with heavy duty plastic heads encasing the connectors.

tylt-syncable-blue-one-footThe Syncable is only a foot long, making it a light travel cable to have on hand. It also packs away easily and doesn’t take up a lot of space thanks to the ribbon design. The Syncable is the perfect companion accessory for folks constantly on the go or people who want to keep all of their external hard drives and equipment organized with minimal clutter. I love that I can just slip it into my back pocket, tablet case, or glove compartment without any fuss. It’s easy to keep around in case you need it, making the TYLT Syncable a welcome addition to my repertoire of gadgets and accessories.

Grab one for yourself here!


Image Credits: TYLT, PRWeb

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Last Updated on December 28, 2015.


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