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versapouch_mini_2Accessories manufacturer Moshi is known for its unique cables, unusual earbud designs, and interesting cases. The Moshi VersaPouch Mini is one of those interesting cases, and something that I’ve never quite experienced before.

The VersaPouch Mini is a tablet sleeve that is deep enough to fit tablets up to 8 inches in size, allowing you to fit your Kindle Fire HDX, iPad Mini, Google Nexus 7, and most other tablets with smaller form factors inside. The VersaPouch Mini is made of a soft microfiber cloth both inside and out. This adds a serious level of cushion for your device that won’t scratch or damage it. I like that it can be easily cleaned and is quite durably manufactured, with heavy duty stitching to keep all of the seams closed over the duration of its use.

Transforming thanks to a nifty origami design that folds along special creases in the sleeve, landscape mode is where this sleeve/stand combo excels. Once folded, the magnetic clasps that would otherwise hold the sleeve closed act as a wedge, allowing you to lean your tablet back onto the pyramidal fold of the sleeve. The viewing angle for media is excellent when you’re both sitting and standing in front of the stand.

versapouch_mini_3Using the VersaPouch Mini in portrait mode may require a little bit of attention to detail, though. The magnetic clasps are at times too thin to support a tablet if it has a charging port located on the bottom. The bump of the port on some tablets, like the Google Nexus 7, causes the tablet to slip over the magnets and slide down off the VeraPouch Mini. A small indentation between the two magnets to account for rigid, centrally located charging ports would solve that problem. A tablet placed with the charging port upwards solves the slipping problem, though, and auto rotation saves the day – making this more or less a non-issue. Portrait mode is also the superior viewing angle for viewing magazines and news when sitting at a table.

Overall, I like this sleeve/stand combo. It can handle my Nexus 7 even when I have the Poetic SlimLine case (click for that review) on it, though from my testing it seems as if only very thin 7-inch tablets like the Nexus 7 could fit inside the sleeve with additional cases attached. You can purchase your own Moshi VersaPouch Mini at the manufacturer’s website for $30.00 USD.

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Last Updated on December 28, 2015.


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