Pump Up The Volume: The Eclipse Case For Samsung Galaxy S4 By ElementCase

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We all use phone cases for one basic reason, protection. We need something between our precious tech and the pavement, everything else is really just an extra. Decisions have to be made between how much protection we need, versus how much bulk we want to add, as well as design and weight. The minds at  ElementCase have done their best to simplify that equation, by leveraging high quality materials, and an innovative new feature, to give us The Eclipse case for the Samsung Galaxy S4.


Light Weight, Heavy Protection:

The first time I picked up the Eclipse, I was struck by how light it is. Not just “nice” light, but “Wow” light. Combining a rigid,  machined aircraft aluminium front bezel and a hybrid TPU / Carbon Fiber back, the case strikes an almost perfect combination of weight and strength. The two piece design fits together seamlessly, and the fit is rock solid, locking the S4 in perfectly. The dual material back gives you some needed flexibility at the top and bottom, to prevent bending the aluminium front, while still maintaining top-notch protection via a carbon fiber panel in the midsection. The case has an integrated kickstand for media viewing, which is the only part that feels less than high quality. It tends to flex easily, is made of a much thinner material, and feels like a bit of an afterthought in the overall design. That said, I would assume the stand was added to take advantage of the real highlight of the Eclipse, Sound Boost System (SBS) enhanced audio.

Turn It Up To 11:

Although there are some phones out there with front facing speakers, the vast majority of smartphones still use the traditional rear output. Sound Boost System is a simple, yet innovative shaped channel that forces audio out the front of the case, and helps to amplify the volume along the way. While appearing gimmicky at first, the first time you fire up a movie or music, you’ll realize just how well it works. I found it incredibly useful for not only entertainment, but for speakerphone conversation and Hangouts video chats as well. Simply put, it not only works, but works incredibly well. The downside to SBS, is that it renders any kind of liquid resistance the case has null and void, and I am in no mood or financial position to test the results of a spill across the top. Take some extra care, and enjoy.


The Bottom Line:

The Eclipse, at $79.95, is not the least expensive case on the market, and it is definently not for everyone. It does provide impact protection on par with the other high end cases. The few downsides are more than made up for by the overall experience, and real world usability of the Sound Boost System audio. I give the Eclipse by ElementCase a solid 4 out of 5 star rating.

You can find more information and purchase the Eclipse for the Samsung Galaxy S4 at ElementCase.com


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Last Updated on December 28, 2015.


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