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I love my iPhone 5S and I feel that I can say that without being too much of a fangirl.  The sleek design, the pleasing aesthetics, the intrusive data collecting fingerprint scanner.  And as an iPhone owner, I protect my investment with a case.  I’m not overly protective (Otterbox) and at the same time I can’t trust my phone in any old covering (*insert any random case found on eBay from China).  So I was pleasantly surprised to come across Elago while ‘window shopping’ on Amazon.  Elago, a California based eco-friendly company who does what it says: offers you simple sophistication for your iDevice.  In an ever-growing sea of accessory providers for Apple, Elago stands out with their offering of stylistic products made from quality components.

Elago offers a wide array of cases designed for the masses; they are contemporary and functional, without sacrificing expression of your personal style.  My favorite from their catalog is their S5 Glide Case ($20 from the Elago site, $11 from Amazon).  Since the force feeding induction of the lighting connection, I have found that not all docks are made the same.  My Sony alarm clock dock is beautiful and has great sound but my iPhone won’t dock with a case on.  The Glide case solves that problem with a removable bottom piece that slides off and on easily allowing the phone to dock and charge.  Elago offers a vast selection of color combinations for the Glide, so you can express your particular trend however you chose.  Check out my Glides:

Elago is not just a iCase retailer, they offer a wide range of products for all mobile devices. Check their site for the full catalog. I personally have not had the opportunity to sample any of their other products but I highly recommend their cases.

Do any of you own Elago cases?  If so what is your favorite?  Check them out and leave your opinions after the break and again thanks for reading.

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Last Updated on December 28, 2015.


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