Review: The Jumper Card, Quick Power In Your Back Pocket

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There is a superfluity of mobile external power solutions on the market today, each one of them has their own valid uses. A lot of them have plenty of juice to get your device moving two times over, some of them are good for a full charge and a half. The Jumper Card is not looking to be a beastly 10,000mAh back up. What you’ll find instead, inside of this wallet sized card, is a respectable 480mAh battery. The Jumper Card is meant to be slipped into a wallet or purse and used in emergency situations when you may have forgotten that big beastly battery back up or charging cable.

Best of all, the Jumper Card is an all in one emergency battery for all phones, both Android and iPhone. The Jumper Card features a micro USB connector for charging Android Phones, a Apple 30 pin for iPhone 4s and below and a Lightning connector for iPhone 5 and above. There is also a USB cable attachment for plugging the Jumper Card into your computer to juice up its 480mAh battery. There is also a built in LED light in case your stuck someplace where you might need just a bit of light.

During our testing we found the Jumper Card did exactly what it sets out to do. Provide a small jump to your battery enough to get you through any emergency situation. I didn’t expect the 480mAh battery to fully charge my iPhone 5s 1570mAh battery fully. As with any external battery there will be some loss, so don’t expect a full 480 from the Jumper Card (all external batteries experience loss in transfer). We also found the Jumper Card easy to slip into a wallet or purse and forget about until needed. I never felt it was in the way or that it took too much space. The only issue I had with the Jumper Card was case compatibility. The connectors will not completely fit if your case is too bulky or has protection around the connector. But really, that’s a minor issue for what the Jumper Card’s intended use is for and that’s for emergency power. The last thing I’m going to worry about is having to remove my case if I am in need of actually using my phone.

Overall I give the Jumper Card 4.5 stars out of 5. It’s slim design fits nicely into wallets, purses, glove boxes just about anywhere, and it stays out of the way. It does what it’s supposed to do, which is provide a quick jump to your phone, and it does it well. While it may not work with all phone cases, the last thing I’m worrying about in an emergency situation is leaving my case on my phone. The Jumper Card is currently running an Indiegogo campaign. Click the Indiegogo logo below to get to the campaign and support the Jumper Card, $19 gets you your own Jumper Card and the perks go up from there.



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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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