Huawei Pokes Fun At Apple And Samsung In Its MWC Short


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Huawei unveiled some really nice hardware and software features on its new phone lineup at CES 2014, we were impressed. Now with Mobile World Congress (MWC) getting ready to kick off it looks like their riding in with a bit of humor and fun. Check out the video below as Huawei makes a quick poke at Apple and Samsung.


Well, we thought it was amusing LOL.

Huawei ‘s flagship, the Ascend Mate 2, is the phone to keep your eye on. With a 6.1″ screen and a 1.6GHz processor along with LTE capability. It’s poised to try and take a bite out of the Fruit and Some Song phones. The 13mp camera in the rear and 5mp camera in the front are more than capable, from the examples shown at CES. The processing power is a bit under the mark from the Galaxy Note 3 but Huawei is making use of power savings with their smaller chip claiming that the Ascend Mate 2 can go nearly 2 days without charging (under heavy use). Another neat little feature is the ability of the Mate 2 to charge other phones, yes you can use it as an external power source for your iPhone or Galaxy S4 friends.

All joking aside, Huawei is certainly trying to step into the market with a heavier boot and this video just shows their marketing people are ready to have some fun with it. Let’s hope there is some success here as we believe that competition is good for the market. We would love to see more companies in the market with less products. Let’s see Huawei, Sony, LG, Samsung, Nokia and Apple put out 3 or 4 products at most, and sell the heck out of those. Would much rather see that then an over saturated market of mid range smartphones, but I digress. Good luck to Huawei at MWC and beyond.

Source: CNET, AndroidSPIN

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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