More Power! TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case For Galaxy S4

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There are those that use their smart phones as really nothing more than a vehicle for talking and texting. They might fire up a navigation app every now and then, or post to social media, but by and large they cruise through the day with nary a worry of battery longevity or charging solutions. I am not one of those people.

My smart phone is my lifeline, my connection to the world, my media device, portable gaming console, and primary web browser all in one. Throw the demo and instructional use that my day job entails on top of all of that, and battery life is a big deal for me. The brains over at Tylt have come up with a great solution in the form of the Energi Sliding Power Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4, that not only provides great protection, but extended life as well. I had a chance to put the Sliding Power Case through its paces in a zero WiFi environment, and came out quite pleased with the results.


Two is better than one:

The unique feature that the Sliding Power Case brings to he table is its two-piece design. Users start by placing the phone into one of the two slim-fitting protective cases that come as part of the package. The protective cases are very nice in and of themselves, offering a good middle ground between durability and looks. When your battery gets low, simply slide the device into the power case, push the button on the back, and go on about your day. I consistently saw recharges into the 85%-90% range, and the external pack recharged in a quick fashion as well.


Flexibility is key:

The two part design adds some flexibility to the Energi Sliding Power Case that users won’t find in other, more integrated power cases. Treat the battery pack as an external charging source, and toss it in your desk drawer or bag. When ready, slide your phone in, and charge up on the go. Basically, you get all the benefits of both a permanent install battery case, and an external charging pack in one tidy package.

The bottom line:

Pricing out at only $79.99 for the entire kit of 2 protective cases (1 Black, 1 in an accent color), the charging case, and an extra USB 2.0, the Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 will make a great addition to the arsenal of even the most power hungry smart phone user.  I give it a full 4 stars for quality, reliability and price.


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Last Updated on December 28, 2015.


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