Review And Giveaway: TYLT Tunz Bluetooth Speaker NOW CLOSED!

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We’ve reviewed a fair amount of TYLT products here at Techaeris, and we rated all of them very high. This time around TYLT sent me their TUNZ Bluetooth speaker to check out and review. Of course, being  no stranger to TYLT, I expected top of the line packaging and they didn’t disappoint. TYLT is one of those companies who puts thought into the entire experience of buying a product. From packaging to final product.


The Lowdown

The TUNZ is an attractive unit about the size of a box of those flavored tea bags you buy at the store. It’s not very heavy but there is some weight you can feel, mostly due to the magnet on the speaker. But that weight isn’t unbearable and I can safely say this is portable and easy to carry. The TUNZ also comes with a silicon band that serves two purposes. First the silicon band provides protection for the unit in case you drop it. Second the bumper guard acts as a cushion from vibration keeping the speaker from shaking and hopping on hard surfaces.

There are volume buttons on top of the unit, these are touch sensitive so there is no tactile response to them. Up top you will also find the Bluetooth syncing button as well as the call answer and call reject buttons. Yes, this thing allows you to take a call and use it as a phone if your phone is connected to it. The TUNZ also allows you to charge your device while you use it, which is ideal for cellphones but not tablets. Here’s a quick run down of all the specs.

• NFC Enabled – includes Tagstand NFC launcher App for AndroidTM
• 2800 mAh battery plays music up to 20 hours at 50% volume
• Universal USB charging port with1Amp output for charging external devices. Charge your phone to keep on rockin’!
• Touch Controls – Volume, Play, Pause, Hand-free Call/Answer
• Includes 3 interchangeable vibration cancelling Silicon Bands – Red, Blue, Black
• Two 3 Watt Speakers and a Passive Radiator for Superb Bass
• Built in Noise Cancelling Microphone

Input Voltage: 5V 0.5 Amp (Micro USB)
Output Charging Current: 4.75V – 5.25V – 1 Amp
Lithium Ion Battery: 2,800 mAh
Battery Charge Time: 6-7 Hours
Bluetooth: Version 3.0
Output:80dB Max Output
Connectivity: 3.5mm Input and output jack / Bluetooth
Touch Controls: Volume, Play, Pause, Answer & End Calls
Weight: 12.9 oz.

OK, so what about the sound? This thing kicks butt! High quality sound from such a compact piece of equipment I did not expect. The TUNZ sound is immersive and complete. Even at full volume I found no cracking or loss of quality. This little speaker is rock solid. The TUNZ is ideal in your home for the living room or kitchen. It will fill it up with clear sound no problem. Don’t expect this to be a speaker for a large party though, the TUNZ is phenomenal but not at the level to handle a large party where the people are likely to drown it out. But really, you shouldn’t expect that kind of performance from any speaker at this level.

Bottom Line

The TUNZ is well built, thoughtfully constructed and delivers great audio in a small package. I give it 5 stars out of 5. Like almost every other TYLT product we have reviewed we really enjoyed this speaker. You can pick up your TYLT TUNZ at the link below. Be sure to check out our TYLT TUNZ giveaway after the break!

Buy Your TYLT TUNZ Hereir?t=techaeris 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00DG8NI5C

Check out TYLT’s Full website HERE


Giveaway (This Giveaway is CLOSED, winner will be announced shortly)


So here we go! The awesome folks over at TYLT are giving away ONE TYLT TUNZ Bluetooth speaker to ONE lucky Techaeris reader! This is a worldwide giveaway so EVERYONE is welcome to enter! Now for the rules!

You must follow ALL steps to be entered into the contest. If you do not complete ALL of the steps you WILL NOT be entered into the contest, so it is important that you follow directions. Read ALL the directions all the way to the end, there are IMPORTANT links you will need at the very end.

1. You MUST follow TYLT AND Techaeris on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook. (links are at the end of this post, no need to follow on all three, one of them will do)

2. You MUST share this post to the social network you followed us on, be it Google+, Twitter, or Facebook. (it must be this post from this website, not a repost…hint, use the social media share buttons at the top of the post)

important: Step 3 & 4 are related so pay close attention

3. You MUST comment below and tell us why you want the TYLT TUNZ. (comment must be made below on this post NOT on social media)

4. You MUST include in your comment below which social network you follow us on and link to your reshared post. (simply copy the URL of your post from G+, Twitter, or Facebook and paste into the same comment you made in step 3)

That’s it! Just Follow EVERY step and you will be entered to win!

Winner of the TUNZ MUST post a picture of themselves with the TUNZ on their Google+, Twitter, or Facebook and be sure to TAG TYLT  and Techaeris. (we understand not everyone wants their mug out on the web, so a pic of the TUNZ in your hand is fine, but we sure would like to see a smiling face:-)

This contest is open to everyone! Yes everyone! Worldwide! TYLT will be notified of who the winner is and ship the prize to them. TYLT and Techaeris staff and family are not eligible. Contest runs from March 13th until March 20th 12pm CST (Central Standard Time Chicago).

Links You Will Need

TYLT on Google+ / Techaeris on Google+

TYLT on Twitter / Techaeris on Twitter

TYLT on Facebook / Techaeris on Facebook


Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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