Land Rover Discovery Concept Is All Kinds Of Awesome


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Land Rover has always made some really awesome SUV’s from design to functionality. So it’s no surprise that their latest concept SUV, the Discovery, is beauty wrapped in steel. The first noteworthy feature is the absence of door handles on the Discovery. As a lover of minimal design and clean lines, I find door handles break up the symmetry of the body and generally are gaudy. There have been great attempts at integrating door handles into design and keeping the lines clean and crisp, the Acura NSX comes to mind. But Land Rover takes it a step further and completly does away with door handles, opting instead for a gesture controlled interface. Check out the video after the break.

The doors are gesture-controlled—you open them with a wave of the arm. Although, along with that, Land Rover does have some major plans for a fleet of SUVs all based around the Discovery: gesture-controlled augmented reality windshields, an “invisible” hood drivers can see through—even, one day, eye-tracking controls. 

These features are all concepts at this stage but this is how innovation is bred, you must have a concept to get a final product, it’s very rare that an idea goes directly to production as is. Aside from the fact this thing has no door handles, has gesture controls and invisible hoods the design and look of it is beautiful. The rounded lines and smooth flawless skin is a thing to behold. An important feature most car manufactures are finally seeing is the design of the head lamps, i love the aggressive look of this front end. And of course there’s those doors. Not sure they would ever be part of  a production vehicle but one can only hope cause they are elegant. We’re excited to see what Land Rover births from this Discovery concept. What do you think of the Discovery? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

Source: Popsci

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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