Quick Review: Elago Rustic Stylus For Tablets

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The last we saw of Elago was my review of their S5C series iPhone case, which I really loved for its minimal design and awesome price point. This time around I’m taking a look at Elago’s Rustic Stylus for tablets and phablets. 

Elago’s overall design language screams minimal, minimal, minimal. Their materials and packaging are exactly that, minimal design with great functionality. The Rustic is no exception in any of the above. The packaging is simple, nothing overstated, yet it also exudes quality. The Rustic comes with a small leather pouch for storing it when not in use and an extra rubber tip to replace a worn one.

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The Rustic is a perfect combination of wood and solid aluminum and has a nice solid feel when held in the hand. There’s nothing cheap feeling about this stylus. It looks and feels premium and is downright beautiful. I did find it to be rather large in diameter and some people may not like its chunky nature, but I found it to not be an issue. Another problem some may run into is storing the Rustic in existing tablet cases that have a stylus holder. I did not have one to test, but the bulkiness may not be suitable for some attached storage holders. Elago does include a leather pouch to store the Rustic, but that does not connect to anything.

The Rustic’s rubber tip is nice, it glides efficiently over the glass of my iPad Air and responsiveness is good. Using some sketching apps I did find the Rustic’s rubber tip skitter a few times, something to be aware of. Overall the Rustic performs really well as a stylus and is comparable to its competitors. Where the Rustic really shines is its design quality and materials. It’s a very comfortable-to-hold stylus made from beautiful materials and priced at $29.99…not a bad buy. Sure you could get nice metal or plastic stylus’s for a little cheaper, but the extra few bucks for nicer materials is worth it to me. I give the Rustic 4 out of 5 stars. Hit the link below to snag yours.

Elago Stylus Rustic For Tablets And Phabletsir?t=techaeris 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B005F2E30Q

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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