Samsung Looks To Trademark The Word “Plot” In Australia


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tmWatch is reporting a new Samsung trademark filing in Australia for the word “plot”. Also included in the trademark filing are the words App Connect, DTOC, Citron, Diffuser and Samsung’s Curved TV UHD logo. 

All the trade mark applications cover Class 9, broadly covering technology of various kinds.

The “Plot” trade mark covers computers, mobile phones, media players, software and electronic books. In summary, they are:

Class 9: Computer application software for mobile phones, smart phones, tablet computers, portable media players and handheld computers; computer software for managing and organising various digital reading contents, namely, digital electronic-books, digital electronic-newspapers, thesis and digital electronic-magazines; mobile phones; smart phones; digital cameras; portable media players; mp3 players; mp4 players; portable computers; wireless headsets for mobile phones, smart phones and tablet computers; tablet computers; digital set-top boxes; DVD players; 3D eye glasses; computers; downloadable electronic publications; downloadable electronic books

No word yet on any other filings in any other countries on these words and terms from Samsung but it’s likely it will happen. Trademarking simple words like plot can pose legal problems for anyone who might want to use them. It’s not unheard of by any means. Apple and other companies throw trademarks on many everyday used words. I mean the word Apple is trademarked. So this is a fairly regular business practice for companies. The bigger story is why the word “Plot”, what does Samsung have up its sleeve? What do you think? What’s your feeling on trademarking words? What do you think Samsung has coming? Are you excited for new products?  Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

Be sure to head over to tmWatch for more of the story and for screenshots of the Australian trademark filings.

Source: tmWatch

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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