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File this under: “Not Tech-But Geeky and Needs to be Talked About.” Yesterday Humble Bundle released a new bundle called the Humble Image Bundle and supplies up to 9 volumes of comic books published by Image Comics. The bundle breaks out into 3 different tiers featuring different books. The tiers break down as follows:

Tier 1: Pay what you want – East of West, Fatale, Lazarus, Morning Glories, all volume 1

Tier 2: Pay the average – Tier 1 plus Saga, Revival, and Chew all volume 1

Tier 3: Pay over $15 – Tiers 1 and 2 plus The Walking Dead Volumes 1 and 20

Paying for one of these tiers will provide you with DRM free digital copies of the books in your tier.  You’ll have a choice of PDF, EPUB, CBZ, or CBR formats.


For those of you not familiar with Image Comics let me give a little explanation. Image Comics is a creator owned comic book publisher that has the largest market share of publishers in the United States behind the “Big 2”, Marvel and DC. They are not a subsidiary of any company like Marvel and DC and the comics that they publish are owned by the creators who birth them. That means when an Image book is a huge success, the creators are directly rewarded by such success. Since Image is creator owned there is a greater variance in the type of comics you will find. They aren’t just superhero books like the Marvel and DC, though they do have some. Image has many different types of books in different genres. I have read all off the volumes in this bundle with the exception of 1 and I can personally vouch for their quality.

The bundle features works by some creators who are at the top of the comic book industry right now and some who are on their way up. There are award winning works as a part of this bundle and from where I am sitting you definitely need to get in on at least Tier 2 of this bundle. Three of these books are among my favorite things I am reading right now (East of West, Lazarus, and Saga.) Three of them I have read in the past and want to get back to (Morning Glories, Chew, and Revival.) The last has had no shortage of praise and simply has not found its way into my reading list (Fatale.) Finally you can cap it off with 2 volumes of The Walking Dead. This collection has had many awards given to the various books and creators and you would be doing yourself a disservice to pass it up. Just make sure you don’t give it to the kids. These comics are for adults only.


As always is the case with Humble Bundle the proceeds of the bundle are broken up and feature a charity. There are 3 recipients of the money you donate, Humble Bundle, Image Comics, and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF.) CBLDF is a not for profit organization that works to protect the free speech rights of comics creators, publishers, and retailers. The money raised from this bundle will not only help to keep the Humble Bundle doors open and pad the pockets of comic book creators but it will also go toward a good cause.



Source:  Humble Bundle

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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