Anonymous User On Pastebin Accuses Google Of Abusing AdSense Publishers


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Let’s start this off by saying this is a HUGE unconfirmed accusation that could very likely be an internet troll times ten. That being said, it was hard to ignore this posting on Pastebin accusing Google of basically stealing and abusing their relationship with AdSense publishers. For those who are not familiar with AdSense, it is Google’s advertising platform which many websites, including this one, use on a daily basis. Google places ads in websites on the behalf of advertisers, and both the publisher and Google receive a certain amount from those ads.

In the Pastebin posting the user making these claims says he/she is a former employee who has just decided to come forth because they had to wait to protect their identity. A lot of the opening really makes me feel this is nothing more than a troll fishing for attention, but I’m just not entirely sure. I’ve reached out to Google’s PR for an answer and I’m hoping I’ll get some sort of response to this as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can read the full text below and come to your own conclusions.

I am a former Google employee and I am writing this to leak information to the public of what I
witnessed and took part in while being an employee. My position was to deal with AdSense accounts,
more specifically the accounts of publishers (not advertisers). I was employed at Google for a period of
several years in this capacity.

Having signed many documents such as NDA’s and non-competes, there are many repercussions for me,
especially in the form of legal retribution from Google. I have carefully planned this leak to coincide with
certain factors in Google such as waiting for the appropriate employee turn around so that my identity
could not be discovered.

To sum it up for everyone, I took part in what I (and many others) would consider theft of money from
the publishers by Google, and from direct orders of management. There were many AdSense employees
involved, and it spanned many years, and I hear it still is happening today except on a much wider scale.
No one on the outside knows it, if they did, the FBI and possibly IRS would immediately launch an
investigation, because what they are doing is so inherently illegal and they are flying completely under
the radar.

It began in 2009. Everything was perfectly fine prior to 2009, and in fact it couldn’t be more perfect from
an AdSense employees perspective, but something changed.

Continued on Pastebin HERE

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UPDATE: Google responds, check out the response at ValleywagGawker

UPDATE 2: Matt Cutts responds at The Hacker News

Sources: Pastebin Twitter

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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