Microsoft Dipping Their Toe Into Chromebooks Pricing Strategies?


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It’s no secret that Chromebooks are fast becoming popular. They’re lightweight in hardware and software but most importantly, they’re affordable. And without a doubt Chromebooks have put a significant shiner on the face of Microsoft powered hardware. So Microsoft is finding itself in a place where it needs a new strategy and it looks like they may be testing that today. If you check out the Microsoft Store you’ll find a very nice ASUS X200-MA laptop on sale for $199, today only. This ASUS machine is running Windows 8.1, and has an 11.6 inch display with 4GB of memory and a 500 GB hard drive, battery life is estimated at 5 hours.

This is not a bad deal for some decent specs on a Windows machine, normally priced at $299. But will competitive pricing be enough to draw back Chromebook converts? Or even deter those who are thinking of jumping to a Chromebook?

Microsoft in February promised that it would “enable our partners to build lower cost hardware for a great Windows experience at highly competitive price points.” The company is reducing the price of Windows 8.1 for tablet and computer manufacturers by 70 percent, to $15, for devices that sell for less than $250, according to a report by Bloomberg at the time.

With new leadership at the helm Microsoft has been taking steps to broaden itself and maybe even loosening its belt just a bit. They’ve made their Office Suite available on Android for the first time, and are now reducing costs so that hardware pricing can follow? Maybe Microsoft is turning over a new leaf. Maybe they can salvage themselves and repair the damage done. One can only hope, because we need a world with competition, we need a world with choices. Having several competitors is in the best interest of consumers, it breeds innovation and it keeps companies from gouging us on pricing. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter and Facebook. Get the ASUS Deal HERE

Source: Geekwire, Microsoft

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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