Zack Snyder Teases His Version Of The Batman And I Approve

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Like many people when I heard Ben Affleck was being tapped to be the next Batman my blood boiled and the knee jerk was almost instant. After all I just couldn’t get Daredevil out of my head, not to mention Jack Ryan (I’m a Harrison Ford fan for that one), but I digress. So Zack Snyder, the director of the next Batman film, went out on Twitter and teased the new Batsuit with Ben in it. And I have to say, this one picture has almost changed my mind.


It has certainly given me more to think about and visuals always help to clear the mind a bit, sometimes overriding preconceived ideas of what you thought it would look like. The second I saw this suit I was reminded of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight, with the short ears and larger bat emblem across the chest. The picture is monochrome, which Snyder says was on purpose, so we can’t be for sure if there are any color variations in the suit or not. But just this one image has given me renewed hope for the next Batman film and for the next Batman. I’m not saying for certainty that Affleck will pull this off, but Synder’s presentation has certainly got me thinking more positive thoughts than negative. Score one for Snyder and the marketing team on this one, ignore the haters and set out to sell this to the people.

Snyder also released a peak at the new Batmobile as well, hard to make out all the details (of course this is by design) but from what I see this is looking to be heading in the right direction. Affleck has my respect for many films he’s been in, Dogma, Armageddon, Argo just a few awesome roles he’s played. I still get hung up on Daredevil, as an old comic geek comic book movies have to have some qualities that Daredevil missed. But bravo Zack Snyder, you have convinced me to give Ben a shot at this. Keep the leaks coming!


Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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