Tesla Model X – Amazing, Yet Problematic Design



We here at Techaeris are very enthusiastic about Tesla Motors, and the exciting things they are doing to further the expansion of electric cars.  The Tesla Model S is right up at the top of our most-desired cars list – if you’re reading, we’d still love to review one, Tesla =) – and the design of the Tesla Model X is simply stunning.  Unfortunately, it seems that Tesla is having a few issues with the Model X’s most prominent feature – the rear “Falcon Wing” doors.

From Discovery News:

Not only would falcon-wing doors prevent owners from mounting a rack on the roof, they are proving devilishly hard to seal against wind and rain.

Why care about a roof rack? Because the Model X is touted as an SUV — one based on the same platform as the Model S but selling for about half the price — and SUVs are meant to port and carry. Still, Tesla can laugh off the lack of a rack because such an add-on not only spoils the line, it also digs into aerodynamic efficiency, which of course is critical in any electric car, given its range limitations.

But there’s no laughing off the need to keep the cabin sealed and the rain out. It’s all part of a more general carmaking problem known as fit and finish. Poor fit and finish helped to hold back the famous British sports cars of yesteryear, which may have looked every inch the James Bond marvel but weren’t much good unless you could stow a Cockney mechanic in the back seat or in the “boot,” to fix whatever broke or reattach whatever fell off every few score miles.


The Model X is an incredible looking car, and Tesla has a proven track record of fixing problems that arise in the most elegant of manners.  But this one may require more elbow grease than overall polish.  I’m still quite confident that they’ll figure it out – I’m sure they don’t want their customers to get a bath while driving – there may just be a few delays on the Model X until they do.  What do you think of the Tesla Model X? Sound off on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments below.


Source: Discovery News

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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