New Line of Gaming All-in-Ones Unveiled by MSI Set for June Release

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MSI gaming AIO

MSI is a name many of you in the PC world should know pretty well. They have their mitts in everything from graphics cards to motherboards and plenty more. Today MSI has announced a squadron of new All-in-One PC’s with one thing in mind, gaming.

“MSI’s squadron of gaming AIOs takes gaming to the next level and outperforms any other unit on the market,” says Andy Tung, CEO of MSI Pan America. “The state of the art components shreds gaming benchmarks, delivers an immersive gaming experience and is hands down the most superb combination of style and performance.”

Typically a person doesn’t think of an All-in-One (AIO) as a gaming machine. They are usually more reserved for productivity and space saving compared to bulkier desktops. MSI is proving that an AIO can be more than a large touch screen for watching YouTube videos and editing documents. The new AIO’s pack in some serious high-performance parts like Intel i7 processors, NVIDIA GeForce GTX800M series graphics and Killer Gaming Networking to keep up with fast pasted gaming action. Heck, select models even offer Super RAID (2 SSD’s in RAID0), touchscreens and Blu-ray disk burners.

Super RAID MSI AIOThe graphics side of the new AIO’s will offer a 3 step tier. The GTX 860M will be found inside the AG220 and AG240 models. A GTX 870M will be found inside the AG270 and a GTX 880M will be in the top of the line option, the AG270.The 3DMark 11 benchmark comparison is nothing short of impressive.

3D mark MSI AIOTo round things out on the visual front MSI equipped the AIOs with Anti-glare, anti-flicker matte displays with their proprietary Eye Pro Technology. In short, it flickers less and has a 75% reduction in blue light, which makes your eyes tired during prolonged viewing, like when gaming for hours on end.

They also have the ability to connect to two external displays and can be used as a stand alone gaming monitor for your PS4/Xbox One or the likes even with the AIO powered off.

Spec Run Down

MSI AIO Gaming Specs

AIO’s might not be for everyone one out there, but MSI is certainly making them a bit more useful in my book. I certainly wouldn’t mind having one, especially for those trips to the inlaws where packing up my desktop just isn’t an option. The new AIO line from MSI is slated to hit Newegg, Amazon and other retailers later next week, Newegg says June 10th, with the starting price point for the lower-end of the 4 being $1249.99.

You can dig out more info at, but don’t go reading about the AG2712A AIO that is up on the site. That is the AMD model, not the newer NVIDIA models.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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