World Of Warcraft Movie: Filming Has Wrapped – No Word On Pandarians



Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game-based movie aficionados rejoice!  Word has come down that filming on the movie adaptation of World of Warcraft has finished filming.  This word comes direct from the film’s director, Duncan Jones.  From his Twitter:

The film now goes to the special effects gurus to fill in any CGI blanks.  Honestly, I would have been completely dismissive of this movie were it not for Jones helming the project.  Jones was the writer and director of 2009’s highly under-appreciated sci-fi tale, Moon.  He also directed the more widely released Jake Gyllenhaal movie – Source Code.  Jones wrote the screenplay for Warcraft in addition to directing.  I believe he’s got the directing chops, and should know the source material well enough to be able to at least make this an interesting movie.

Image Courtesy of Techno Buffalo
Image Courtesy of Techno Buffalo

The timing seems a bit odd.  As Techno Buffalo points out, the popularity of WoW has been waning recently:

World of Warcraft hasn’t been seeing the best numbers in the world lately with subscribers finally getting a little tired of the whole affair an entire decade after the game’s release. If Duncan Jones indeed has a hit on his hands, this film could be the one to revive interest in the series and see the population of Azeroth flee back to its servers for more boar hunting.

It’s possible that a movie tie-in could breathe new life into the franchise, though it would take a quality movie to do so.  We’ve seen entirely too many game-related movies bomb at the box office.  Warcraft at least has a chance to buck that trend.  Techno Buffalo also notes that the release date for Warcraft has been pushed back until March 11, 2016.  The original release date would have pitted Warcraft against a little film that a few people will probably end up seeing – Star Wars Episode VII.  I don’t blame them for delaying a few months, going up against Star Wars probably wouldn’t end well for Warcraft.  So who is going to check out Warcraft when it’s released in 2016?  Sound off in the comments below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

I’d certainly consider seeing Warcraft, but the most important question that I still have…When can we expect Leeroy Jenkins to make his appearance?

(Skip to 1:20 to get directly to the good stuff)

 Source: Techno Buffalo, Twitter

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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