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As a super girly technophile it is difficult finding a way to transport my tech in something trendy yet functional.  As a commuter, I see women lugging multiple tote bags and… that is just not a road I want to travel.  When it comes to tech accessories it’s either SUPER girly or drab and slightly masculine (in my opinion).  Enter The Herschel Supply Company, the trendy accessory company founded in 2009 by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack.  With bright colors, vibrant patterns and the timeless color-blocking technique, Herschel, while hipster-esque at first glance, is a technophile’s dream when it comes to hauling ALL of your accessories at once.

Stuffed like a burrito!
Stuffed like a burrito! (iPhone not pictured b/c it’s taking the picture)

Tax season found me with some extra cash so I decided I to shop for a new bag; something where I can not only carry my tech but also various girl items.  I stumbled upon the Herschel Strand Plus Duffel Bag while perusing Apple’s website.  Don’t let the name fool you; this isn’t a standard duffel that you use for the gym or your friendly neighborhood kickboxing class.  The exterior simplicity of this Apple-exclusive bag caught my eye out of hundreds of choices because it’s nothing too flashy; just one zipper and one (deep) outer pocket, while the interior sports a playful striped pattern and padded pockets for my tech.  POCKETS FOR ALL THE THINGS!  The large padded sleeve is large enough for a 15″ MBP, the little pocket family keeps my iPad Air, iPhone 5S and HTC M8 in their place all while I high-tail it on my daily commute to work.  My bag is rugged, somewhat waterproof and sturdy.  I like that my phone is organized in its special pocket-place rather than me fishing around the abyss that is the bottom of my purse for my phone or ear buds.  In the three months that I’ve owned this bag, the interior lining has stayed clean despite it housing a plethora or feminine products when I’m not required to lug my MBP.  If you’re a lady who prefers big purses or are looking for a more stylish option for your accessories consider Herschel as a more affordable option.

The bag for the tech lady that has everything
The bag for the tech lady that has everything
Interior and fun pockets!
Interior and fun pockets!

The only peeve I have with this duffel is that the pocket designed for my 15″ MBP fits a little too snugly making it hard to insert and remove the laptop.  I have to unsnap the the sides, lay the Duffle flat and intricately slide my MBP into the padded pocket.  Because this isn’t just a laptop carryall for me, removing my articles a hassle. As I began to dig further (read: Google) into Herschel I discovered that they make more than just fab tech bags, they also make regular totes, backpacks, laptop sleeves and luggage.  The design of their roomy duffel and wheelie bags even has a separate compartment for your shoes!  On the side of the bag there is a zipper pocket that houses a single pair of shoes!  While yes it’s only one pair of shoes, that’s one less pair I have to put inside my bag taking up valuable luggage real-estate.  Herschel not only makes awesome bags for the ladies, but the majority of their offerings seem to be asexual.  Check out Herschel’s extensive catalog on their site here (dope website design btw).

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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