Kickstarter: LaMetric Is Your Personal Scrolling Billboard



An interesting Kickstarter campaign came across the Techaeris desks in the form of Smart Atoms’ LaMetric.  LaMetric is your very own personal scrolling sign.  It sits on your desk and can be programmed in any number of ways to display information that is important to you.  Read on for more information.

From the Press Release:

LaMetric is a smart ticker that displays all the information you need, when you need it. The smart clock launches on Kickstarter today as the first standalone, customizable, hackable ticker that tracks key metrics and displays them in real-time. This uniquely retro clock can be set up to tell you the events on your calendar for the day, the temperature or even to count down the days until your new baby is born. LaMetric eliminates the need to check multiple apps or news sites for the information you need. Instead, you receive everything at a glance, all in one place, in real-time. The possibilities are endless.



One of the coolest things about LaMetric is how much you can customize the device.  Smart Atoms have provided numerous examples of ways that LaMetric can be used; from displaying the time/date, to showing new e-mail notifications, a Cross-fit clock, a stock ticker, the examples go on and on.  A few more examples are shown in the image below.


But that’s not all!  LeMetric is also compatible with many popular automation tools.

Pair LaMetric with IFTTT, SmartThings, WigWag, Ninja Blocks to display what’s happening at your home. Be alerted when your pet leaves the backyard or someone is at your door. Receive security alerts for floods, temperatures or break-ins.

If that weren’t enough, LaMetric will also have API’s available for anyone looking to dig deeper into what this box can do.

LaMetric will have two types of API: cloud API for developers that want to connect their web apps to LaMetric and secure intranet API when LaMetric for those working in closed Intranets networks with strict security rules.

You can even take action on your computer directly from LaMetric.  Using the buttons on the top of the device, you can open web browsers based on the notification you are seeing.  The short video below explains these actions.




LaMetric will be available in both battery operated, and plug-in models, both with early bird prices at the beginning of their Kickstarter.  If you’re interested, you’d better act fast – the super-early-bird prices on both individual models sold out very quickly.  The early-bird prices will probably do the same.  The current lowest price of entry for a plug-in model is $119, with a battery powered model starting at $139.  The super-early-bird special including one of each still has a few available at $199, but hurry, they’re selling quickly.

I have a feeling that LaMetric is going to smash through their goal, though that’s a pretty safe bet considering they’ve raised nearly $20,000 of their $69,000 goal in just a few hours.  Check these guys out, I have a feeling this device is going to be quite popular.

You can check out the LaMetric Kickstarter and become a backer HERE.



Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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