Nomad Follows Up Its NomadKey With The NomadClip


Nomad Clip Akron

Back in January, coming out of CES 2014, we reviewed the Nomad ChargeKey. A short and sturdy charging cable that fit right on your key chain.


The Charge Key is an ultra small USB/Lightning connector charging solution for your phone. Charge Key is about the size of an average key and even fits on your key chain. Having something this small is great when you either have forgotten your external battery, forgotten your charging cable or simply do not want to be weighed down with extra bulk.

Now Nomad is introducing its newest charging cable, the NomadClip. Alongside its NomadKey and NomadCard the NomadClip is a convenient charging cable targeted to those urban dwellers who may use back packs or bikes. Shaped like a carabiner (but not load bearing) it easily clips to backpacks, bike packs or anywhere else you may want to clip it. Hidden in the spine of the carabiner NomadClip is the charging and sync cable. Simply pull it out and plug your phone into the nearest USB port for power.

Nomad Clip Three

– NomadClip, NomadKey & NomadCard are the world’s most portable cables, shaped like a carabiner, housekey & credit card respectively
– All Nomad cables are MFi certified by Apple and fit all cases including LifeProof
– Updated design with more durable materials
– Free shipping to the US, CA, UK, AUS and $5 flat rate anywhere else worldwide
You can Pre-Order your NomadClip now at the link below. Nomad has also given our readers a coupon code that will take 25% off your order for this week ONLY! Just input the coupon code “LIVESIMPLE” at checkout and the discount should be applied. As soon as we get our hands on a review unit we will have a full review of the NomadClip. It’s important to note, these products do not charge your device by themselves, they are cable replacement solutions. You will still need a USB power source to charge your devices.
Order your Nomad products HERE

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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