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Aviator Sea Emerald
Aviator Sea Emerald

This week, Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) announced her new framewear collection for Google Glass offering a small selection of fashionable frames made to seamlessly fit your Glass headset.  With a starting price of $1800 (including a Glass headset, compared to Google’s own Titanium Collection which is priced at $1650), the DVF Collection is available in blue, teal, plum, brown and white and come bundled with the same accessories as a regular pair of Glass (mono earbud, removable shades, and a case).

Check out the vid:


For one week, every major fashion house around the world flocks to NYC for Fashion Week.  It’s kind of a big deal unbeknownst to many living outside of NYC and the immediate vicinity.  The fashion, the runways, the parties all equal the most important thing Glass is chasing; exposure. It seems that Glass is going for the “cool” factor with this collaboration by coupling extreme fashion with revolutionary technology.  DVF is not only a Glass Explorer herself, but she gifted some of her models with Glass to show Fashion Week from a better point of view than a standard headcam. Take a peep the backstage access:

I love the point of view Glass provided for this event.  From Mrs. von Furstenberg herself, to her models and to her makeup artists, Glass gave a unique perspective behind the scenes of a couture house during one of its busiest times.  This is not von Furstenberg’s first time mixing her fashion with leading edge technology.  Back in 2012, DVF launched her Spring 2013 collection by having all of her models wear the newly announced Google Glass headsets during their runway walk.

ClearView w/o headset
ClearView w/o headset

Had the DVF collection been offered when I purchased Glass, I would have forked out the extra $300 for the fashion eyewear.  I think this collaboration further proves my point: Glass may not be for the average person for everyday use.  I’m sure von Furstenberg jaunts all over the world doing exciting things, whereas I can count on one hand the “exciting” events I’ve experienced in the past month. While I do want to document the memories I make, not every day calls for Glass.

My sister (whom has been blessed with more of the fashion gene than I, who got all of the geek gene) absolutely adores this merger.  As a stylist she says:

“DVF has just placed Google Glass at the top of every tech-fashionistas (wait, techinistas?) wish list.  She’s bridged the gap, stormed the castle, burst open the door. Ushering in a new wave for the tech savvy fashionista. Brava lady DVF, brava.”

That is a direct quote… Seriously.  This explains why I received so many uncomfortable stares down in Chelsea  while wearing Glass.  

Any way I spin this, it all equals more exposure for Glassware.  As of 11:07 PM EST, Glass is available for purchase here in both the US and the UK.  I don’t know too many fashion-tech geeks who are into this, but I’m sure 2015 New York Fashion Week will be flooded with this technology.





Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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