Wyrmbyte Announces Update To Dragons And Titans

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Wyrmbyte Studios sends along word that they’ve just released a major update to Dragons and Titans.  You may remember that we’ve covered Dragons and Titans here in the past.  Check out the press release below to see what this update has in store for players.

From Wyrmbyte:

Indie developer, Wyrmbyte, today announced several new updates for Dragons and Titans,a free-to-play (F2P) Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game currently available on Steam and on Facebook. The updates include a new weapon and dragon as well as three improved game modes and the release of a brand new story driven Act.

Further improvements to minimize queue times have been implemented. Players can always count on battling with the dragon and weapon of their choice, with matches now allowing duplicate dragons and weapons. Additionally, match rewards have increased from three crystals per minute to four, translating to an average of 30% more rewards per individual match, which gamers can spend in-game to improve weapons, dragons and overall play experience.

In addition to all of these improvements, Wyrmbyte has also released the much-anticipated Act 4: The Titan’s Hand  which reveals another story arc that gamers can play solo to unravel the deeper lore behind Dragons and Titans. While the Titan’s Pact ensured that neither Astaroth nor Hyperion could rule indefinitely, mortals always chose the victor, however a prophecy spoke of a mortal with the power to undo the pact: the Titan’s Hand. Make haste to the city of Tal’il to uncover the truth!  Players who complete the act will be awarded with the Autodrake dragon.

Along with the latest lore, players can prepare for epic battle with the newly released dragon, Netherdrake, whose skills include Nether Burst, where the Netherdrake spews forth bolts of pure Nether energy that sap an enemy’s health and mana, and Rift Storm, which allows the Netherdrake to teleport a short distance forward to emerge from a rift in the Nether that bleeds away enemy health. Also newly released is the weapon, Skyripper: The Blade That Should Not Be. Skyripper’s special abilities include Nether Strike, in which a large explosion of pure Nether energy is released, damaging all in a nearby radius and leaving a permanent mana drain on anything struck by the force, and Sky Rip, which opens a gate to the Nether, allowing Nether Imps to enter the world to feed. The gate remains open until destroyed. Skyripper is not about strength – the weapon itself does not deal much damage, so partner it up with a high DPS dragon for maximum attack power.

Dragons & Titans is currently available free-to-play on Steam or Facebook.

Download Dragons and Titans on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/263500/


About Dragons and Titans:

Dragons and Titans executes on all the promises of a MOBA but distinguishes itself with 15 minute match times and unique RPG elements.  In the game, your champions are Dragons and a variety of game modes gives you the power on how to play. Show true courage and skill to become a Dragon Lord as you embark on your quest to free your Titan from captivity.  Select from over 30 unique dragons and 30 legendary weapons, each with unique abilities and progression levels. Take your battle to the next level by upgrading your dragons and forging your weapons. Free your Titan in fierce 5v5 PvP battle across 3 different map types or delve deeper into the story in ‘Adventure Mode’, traveling across different regions of the Lands Below, unlocking exclusive Dragons as you complete each set of missions. Gain favor with the Titans and climb the PvP leaderboards to prove your true worth as the ultimate Dragon Lord!

To learn more about Dragons and Titans visit:http://www.dragonsandtitans.com/


Source: Wyrmbyte

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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