Toast, The Real Wood Skin Maker, Wants To Class Up Your Pebble

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Here in the United States we have a long history with wood. We have long been a large exporter of wood and you can find it everywhere. Consider luxury cars and the wood that is laid into the dash and consoles. Consider a high quality guitar and the beauty of a nice curved and polished piece of wood. Wood is a material that has a special place in many people’s hearts.  I theorize that’s  because if we are talking about real wood, there is a uniqueness to every piece and that it takes a bit of artistry to create something from wood that is not flawed.

I personally love wood. I would put it on everything that I can. That is why I was very happy to talk to the fine folks at Toast and receive a Toast brand wooden skin for my Pebble smart watch. I had to choose one of four options for the finish on the skin, walnut, ash, bamboo, and ebony. I chose ebony thinking that it would best match my black Pebble but judging by the photos on the Toast website, any one of the four would be attractive. Shortly after selecting my color I was told the skin would ship and I received it a few days later.

The package arrived and I tore it open. The package contained the skin and instructions on installation but this is not something that is terribly difficult. There was one piece that had the full skin. The font portion that goes around the watch face, and on the inside a piece that could be punched out to go on the buttons. The back of the skin has a 3M adhesive. I cleaned the face of the Pebble and went about applying.

The laid the skin gingerly in place. It was not perfect but I was able to push it over a bit to get it better lined up (per the instructions.) The instructions noted to be careful if the skin had to be pulled off and reapplied because it could cause the wood to break. I then punched out the button covers and placed them in a similar fashion.


My impressions of the skin are very high. The adhesive is holding well and I am not seeing any kind of unreasonable scratching or scuffing. It looks much better than the fake vinyl wood skin that I previously had on my Pebble and since it was made from real wood, it stood off of the face of the watch offering additional protection from those times when you accidentally bump your watch on things. I also like the rectangles that are etched on front piece of the skin. I really like this skin and there is no doubt that this is the skin you need to get if you are interested in a skin for your Pebble (and I think you are asking for trouble if you get a Pebble and don’t put a skin on it.) The only complaint that I would have with the Toast skin is that I would prefer not to see the brand name on the front of the device. I understand wanting to brand your product and it is common in the world of accessories. Perhaps I am nitpicking since it is par for the course on items like this but it’s just the way I feel. However, ultimately it’s not a big enough deal to matter as I would gladly purchase this for a Pebble and will be investigating purchasing skins for my laptop and once they are available for my phone and tablet.

Head on over to Toast’s website and purchase one of their quality skins with pride as they are made in Portland, Oregon here in the United States.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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