LG Electronics Can Now Produce Rollable Transparent OLED Panels


This is an actual image of a 18-inch rollable OLED display developed by LG Display, the world’s top LCD supplier, Thursday. / Courtesy of LG Display

LG Electronics is one of the major electronics brands worldwide and the Korea Times is reporting they have succeeded in creating a rollable OLED panel. LG says the image on these rollable OLED’s, which are 18″ in size, is very clear with a resolution of 1200×810. LG along with MOTIE (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) collaborated on the panel which they believe will be a source of growth for the country’s economy. LG believes it can start producing displays up to 50″ in size in the very near future and wants to have sizes up to 60″ by the year 2017.

A decade ago, seeing rollable and transparent displays just seemed like a distant dream; however, they are now becoming available for households,” said a spokesman.


An LG Display employee demonstrates a 18-inch transparent OLED display, which is featured with 30 percent transmittance — a significant improvement over previous models with only reach around 10 percent, Thursday. / Courtesy of LG Display courtesy

The evolution of displays continues at a rapid pace, this year at CES 2014 we saw plenty of curved televisions from a variety of companies. The applications for a rollable transparent display are probably going to be up for debate. It’s just very cool to see technology continue to move forward, even if it’s not going to necessarily make it into every application they might experiment with.

“LG Display is far ahead of rivals in the race for applied OLED displays. There are many challenging issues that need to be addressed before mass production, but we are confident we will lead the market,” said Kang In-byung, head of LG Display’s technology center in the statement.

What do you think of LG’s rollable transparent OLED display? Does it have a future? If so, what applications do you think this would fit best with? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

  Source: The Korea Times
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