Cardcast, the Best Cards Against Humanity Game for Chromecast


Since its release, the Google Chromecast has been home to a number of inventive games. I’d mentioned that Dehumanize Your Friends as one of the top 10 must-have apps for the Chromecast back in March. Dehumanize is a Cards Against Humanity (CAH) player that brings the ever-popular game to the big screen in your living room. While Dehumanize is known for being one of the best, a new challenger has arisen, one that’s sure to give Dehumanize a solid run for its money. Enter Cardcast, the best CAH game for the Chromecast yet.

If you’re not familiar with CAH, here’s how it works: A judge is selected to draw a card that has one or more blank spaces in it. Each player has a number of cards to choose from to fill the blank spot(s). The judge picks their favorite card, the winner wins the round, and a new round begins. Essentially, CAH is Apples to Apples on a whole new, occasionally crazy and NSFW, level. CAH is an insane amount of fun, though, and is one of my all-time favorite card games due to its sheer ludicrousness alone.

Off the bat, the Cardcast interface is well-designed, and it’s insanely easy to set up a game. Enter you name, select a Chromecast to play on, and check the decks of cards that you want to play with. After you’ve set up the game, up to 10 other players can connect their Android smartphones or tablets to play. Players may come and go as they please without interrupting or ruining the game for anyone else.

Cardcast brings a lot more to the table in the Chromecast CAH player space, though. Gameplay is animated, decks can be mixed and matched with other decks, and you can even have Cardcast remember your favorite decks for future games. What’s really impressive, though, is that Cardcast’s developers Will Thomson and David Bild allow players to upload and share new user-generated decks through the Cardcast website. On the website you can search for new decks, use the online deck editor tool, upload batches of cards, or even download cards so that you can print them out and use them in your physical CAH decks!


These additional features are, plainly, just fantastic. Being able to add user-generated decks to your CAH games on Cardcast will help to keep the game fresh when you’d normally be used to different combinations of cards. This is bound to happen eventually when using the standard CAH decks. It doesn’t sound like a particularly large innovation until you realize just how much more random and fun this makes the game. You never know what card you might draw next! Personally, I’m excited to see what hilarious cards and decks other users at the Cardcast website come up with. I’ve already got a handful I’m thinking of adding that make me chuckle a little harder than they should.

Cardcast is the ultimate party game for Chromecast owners. CAH has always been amazing fun to play with friends, but with the enhancements added by Thomson and Bild’s Cardcast, it’ll only get better. This app is going to blow all of the others available for Android out of the water, and is available for free at the Google Play Store. Download it, call your friends, and enjoy the evening of hilarity that ensues!

Cardcast Website

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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