Marvel Entertainment Diversifies Captain America


If you’re a comic geek of any sort you will know the story of Steve Rogers and Captain America, created in the early 1940s by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Born in the 1920s Rogers grew up to be a scrawny shell of a man. With the Nazi threat in full force, Rogers decides to enlist in the military only to be turned away due to his lack of physical prowess.

But, of course, those silly scientists see Rogers as the perfect specimen for their Super Soldier project and convince him to be their guinea pig. When Rogers emerges from the experiment, he’s grown to be a superior specimen of a man with enhanced strength, reflexes and the ability to heal faster than a normal man. Rogers goes on to become Captain America, the quintessential all-American hero.


Now fast forward to 2014. We have, for the most part, gotten rid of our bigotry, and most Americans are pretty comfortable accepting each other for what we are. So, Marvel has decided to pass the Captain America torch to an African-American. Yes, our next Captain America is going to be black. There has been much debate over this, along with Mjölnir ending up in the hands of a woman. While there remain the purists out there who would rather not upset their world by making such changes, I, for one, am OK with this. Steve Rogers is a man after all. He’s subject to old age and aches and pains. It’s not unlike when Bruce Wayne passed the batsuit to Jean-Paul Valley (though it was more thrust on him after Bane kicked the Bat’s butt). 

I’m happy to see Sam “The Falcon” Wilson take up the reigns of Captain America and inject his own character into the role. I can’t see why the role of Captain America can’t change now or in the future. I mean, it’s not like they’re re-writing history here. They’re simply retiring one man and allowing another to take his place at the helm. I mean, we didn’t get that upset when Picard took the bridge from Kirk… did we?

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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