Appetizers: Week 1 Of The Staff’s Favorite Apps!


Image courtesy of The CS Monitor.
Image courtesy of The CS Monitor.

Welcome to Week 1 of Appetizers! This regular installment of delicious applications will showcase some of the staff’s favorites each week.

Blake Mitchell, Writer

Phonto – Android

Images may say a thousand words, but sometimes they need a few more. Phonto is a pretty nice app for taking an image and throwing some simple text on it. Colors, fonts, drop shadows and more let you customize to get the look you want.



Alex Hernandez, Just Some Dude

BaconReader – iOS

For years I’ve wanted to get into reddit and I just hadn’t gotten used to their style and format, as far as social networks go. But now that I write for Techaeris I find myself searching reddit for unique and interesting news and stories. I popped on the web to search for a reddit app and Baconreader was the one that kept showing up in search after search. So I downloaded it and I’m very glad I did. The UI is clean and simple with all relevant info where you need it. I wish I could say this will make me a full time redditor but I am far from attaining that goal. Baconreader simply helps me filter reddit in a clean and beautiful way, it gets high marks from me, a full 5 out of 5 stars. Check it out!




Jason Bouwmeester, Writer

Link Bubble – Android

I’m probably stealing this one from Justin but it’s been a LONG time since an app has been an insta-buy for me. One of the things that bothered me often was clicking on a link from inside an app – Twitter, Google+, etc – and having Chrome launch only to return to the original app and lose focus on the spot I was at. Link Bubble solves this issue by opening in an overlay above the originating app with an option to open in your browser if you so desire. Definitely a 5-star, must have app.

-Editor’s note – Justin agrees, Link Bubble is awesome – JJ



Christopher Wieninger, Associate Editor

Allthecooks – Android

Recipe apps are not rare, but ones that are truly useful are. Allthecooks captured my interest this week when I wanted to try cooking something new. The app has thousands of delicious recipes in a beautiful and functional format as well as a built-in grocery list feature that allows you to add ingredients right from the recipe. Add Android Wear support, and Allthecooks becomes the ultimate kitchen companion!




So, what are some of your favorite apps? Let us know in the comments below, on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter! Be sure to check out next week’s Appetizers.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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