Destiny‘s Beta Enters Phase 2: What’s Next and Tips for Surviving the “Crucible”

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Last week, Playstation users got a leg up on their Xbox counterparts with early access to Destiny in Beta. After a 2 day shut down (technically 1 and ¾ day shutdown as the Beta returned early), Xbox users can now enter the fray and level their characters up as Beta enters it’s full on Phase 2 today. Now that week of difference might not seem like much but where the Xbox users are leveling up and going through the story mode, the Playstation users are most likely getting a taste of The Crucible, Destiny’s PvP mechanic. So as we enter Phase 2 let’s look at some tips and tricks and what to expect in the final week of Beta for Destiny.

Playstation users having already run through the campaign are left with either leveling up another character, doing the exploratory mission on Earth for a while, or entering the Crucible for some intense PvP. While the level cap is 8, there is still obviously plenty to do.


PvE: The Exploration of Old Russia

After the campaign is finished, you might be able to “see” the missions on the Moon for the next chapter but you can’t go there so your next best option is to choose the exploration mission on Earth in Old Russia. Here you can do a few different things. There are random small missions that are given to you via small green beacons laying around. Hit select and your ghost will ping a few for you and guide you to them. These are some easy side quests like “Kill so and so and get 10 of X item” kind of things. Some are more intense requiring some exploration in zones with higher level creatures (i.e. Fallen Captains and Hive Knights of the level 9 variety). Now, I haven’t gone in depth with it so I don’t know all the details as well but you can start working Vanguard rep as well as some other rep game here. You get Vanguard marks by doing the little sorties laying around and there is Spinmetal laying around the map as well that can be gathered and turned in for rep gains with the Crucible vendor. The real highlight are the random public “event” missions where you and your guardian buddies who are in the area can team up for a bigger reward. The enemies here are usually harder than the normal ones lumbering around. One event I did was to take down a Devil Walker  much like the one in the story mode at the end of “Devil’s Lair”. So if PvP isn’t your thing, there is plenty of fun to be had roaming and exploring the map and picking up work along the way.

PvP: Heating up in the Crucible

Destiny Beta

Multiplayer has always been a big thing at Bungie and Destiny doesn’t disappoint. You may have gotten the “Iron Banners” event on this past Saturday which was an expanded PvP event but your standard action is held in the Crucible. This pits small fireteams of 6 in a game of “Control” on Venus or the Moon against 6 other Guardians. Red vs Blue is now Alpha and Bravo team. Here your level isn’t relevant as much as your gear, skill, and upgrades done. The fighting is intense and fast and can be kind of daunting but all in all pretty fun and exciting.

A few tips:

1) Keep Moving!

Control maps are all about mobility. With Halo, Bungie was always going for a “camping doesn’t benefit you” kind of mindset in my opinion and Destiny is no different. Stay on your feet moving from check point to check point and don’t get caught up in a lock down firefight. Odds are while you’re fighting one on one, a teammate is gonna show up on your enemies behalf soon enough. Which reminds me….

2) Stick with your squad.

This is a no brainer for anyone who’s played a control map before. You capture control points faster with more players helping, you also have more firepower to repel a push by the enemy. Capture a point, and head out with your team to the next spot. Teams who master this in Crucible will hardly ever lose a match. You have a tracker as well that will notify of you enemy fire, if you’re standing all alone and the tracker is lit up like a fireworks display on Chinese new years, odds are you’re gonna have a bad time of it. Even a well armored Titan is gonna have trouble against 3 or 4 enemies at a time.

3) Know your role.

There are 3 classes in Destiny and they do make a difference. Each Guardian brings a unique skill set to the party. Warlocks are high on damage and can melt even the most geared Titan in an instant if given the chance. If you’re playing a Lock, let a Titan lead in and clear bad guys that swarm to the Titan. If you’re playing Titan,  the “Thor Smash” Super attack is awesome for clearing a control point. Try to have your super charge up before leading into a hotspot so you have that to clear with. Leveled up, a Titan super is similar to the Warlock and has a great AOE effect. Hunter’s traps are ideal for defending and since they are agile, they are ideal for getting some distance between themselves and bad guys forcing players to use a rifle instead of a melee or shotgun. The main thing is knowing what your job is on the team and working with your squad for effectiveness.

4) Know your weapons.

There are a variety of guns and weapons at your disposal. Find what works best for you and stick with it. If you are good with a hand cannon, so be it. Don’t ever feel like because CaptainKillYourFace2001 is deadly with his pulse rifle, that you need to use a pulse rifle. Destiny’s guns are very different from one to the next and what works for one might not for others. For instance, the Fusion Gun and the Shotgun work in a similar fashion in that both are ideal for close quarters combat. The Fusion has a delayed shot which requires a steady shooting hand while the shotgun… is a shotgun. You fire quicker with the shotgun but having to reload in a swarm is a death sentence. Find which guns work best for you and level them accordingly.


Random Pro Tip:

Something that everyone can take advantage of that I didn’t learn right off is that you can share weapons with characters via “The Vault.” So If you’re like me, you’ve got a character going for all three classes. You can store items on whichever character in the Vault just as you arrive at the tower and whatever is stored there will be seen by all your characters. So if your hunter is needing an upgrade sniper rifle and your Titan has an extra, just store the Titan’s extra and your Hunter can nab it at the tower. This also counts for your Shimmer/Glimmer (currency). I like to roam the Cosmodrome with the Titan to farm up stuff and then I can hop on the Hunter and destroy people with the Golden Gun.

Check out some more tips here:

Meanwhile, the Phase 2 plan ends this weekend but there will be a couple of events of note. Make sure if you’re participating that you sign on for Saturday’s stress event, where Bungie is promising some permanent and awesome rewards.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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