Tommy Lee Jones Gets More Than He Bargained For In The Homesman



The American West remains one of cinema’s nostalgic points in history that lends itself well to film by way of the Western. The Western remains a quiet staple of the theater that continues to tell amazing stories in the shadow of Hollywood’s “Bigger, Bigger, and even Bigger” mentality of blockbuster farming.
Tommy Lee Jones is now ready to direct and star once again in a small Western piece called The Homesman. Jones brings a spectacular cast to the film including Oscar winner Hillary Swank, James Spader (The Blacklist, Avengers 2), Tim Blake Nelson (O’ Brother Where Art Thou?), John Lithgow (Buckaroo Banzai… hehe), and possibly a small part for Meryl Streep.

The Homesman is a tale about a woman enlisting the help of a man begging to be freed from the noose. She tasks him with collecting three mentally ill women and wants them driven across the river back to Iowa. The journey will be 5 weeks of pure hell, apparently, with natives, thieves, and danger along the way.


It’s hard to tell right now what, exactly, the connection Swank’s character has to the three women or why she wants them taken across the river, but it’s plain to see that there is a deep secret there waiting to be revealed. The screenplay is written by Tommy Lee Jones,Wesley Oliver, and Kieran Fitzgerald. The Homesman is based on the novel by Glendon Swarthout.

Look for The Homesman to hit theaters in October!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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