First Glimpse Of AMC’s Better Call Saul


Our first glimpse into the world of Saul Goodman before it was promptly turned upside down by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman was shown briefly in a nine-second teaser during a Breaking Bad marathon on AMC Sunday and appeared online yesterday.

The teaser itself was is nothing more than a quote by Goodman giving a classic lawyer one-liners to an unknown person in what appears to be a diner, but if you’ve been pining for some more some Bob Odenkirk or anything even tangentially related to Breaking Bad this should whet your appetite at least for a little while until the show’s official release in February.

Details about Better Call Saul itself are still scarce, but as executive producer Vince Gilligan confirmed back in July, the series takes place in 2002 in what he has dubbed a period piece and you can clearly see in the short teaser that Goodman’s hair is thicker than it was during his multiple appearances in Breaking Bad. Being that the series is focused on what was the comedic relief character in the otherwise serious Breaking Bad, it is also thought that Better Call Saul will have a more comedic tone to it, reinforced by the fact that Bob Odenkirk is quoted as saying “this will not be Breaking Bad 2.0.”

The entire series is now available on Netflix if you’re desperate for some more Saul Goodman or if you somehow have not yet watched Breaking Bad. And If you missed the initial airing of the teaser you can check it out below.

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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