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Have you ever wanted to learn more about science but for whatever reason just haven’t had the opportunity to pursue that passion? Well, now you can learn about science just about anywhere with World Science U online. Created by Professor Brian Greene (The Elegant Universe), the website aims to bring learning about science and physics to wherever you are. There are a plethora of videos and short learning methods on the website for users to explorer and soak in.

Brian Greene

“I was doing videoconferenced courses way back then, when the technology really couldn’t support all that we needed,” Greene says. “And now there’s a huge opportunity to leverage the technical prowess we have to create a new type of educational experience.”

“It’s expensive to make animations,” Greene says. “It’s hugely time-consuming to make computer-based interactive demonstrations. But if you’re not just reaching 30 kids in your own classroom, when you’re creating things that can reach hundreds of thousands of people, then the investment becomes worth it.”

The site is fairly new but is working with institutions domestically and internationally to offer college credits to students who’s professors use WSU material in their courses. These include Columbia, Duke University, the University of California, Santa Barbara, the University of Cape Town among others.

So, whether you’re seeking a degree in science or physics or you just have a passing interest in the sciences, I would say that World Science U is a great resource to check out. Check out the videos below to see some of the courses they offer. And let us know in the comments below what you think of World Science U. Is this something you’ll be checking out? You can also hit us up on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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