The Playlist #2 – Video Games We’re Playing This Week!

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Welcome to Playlist! This is the weekly column, out every Friday, that lets you know what video games the MOARGeek staff is playing. If a title interests you, click on one of the images under the corresponding Download header and game your heart out!

Now, enough dilly-dallying – let’s take a look at this week’s Playlist!

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Christopher Wieninger, Senior Editor

Pokemon X – RPG

It’s been out for nearly a year since the release of Pokemon X & Y, but I’ve had a sudden resurgence of interest in Pokemon X after picking up my Nintendo 3DS XL after nearly six months and not knowing where I had last left off. Lost beyond belief, I restarted by adventure from scratch, and am I ever glad I did. I’d forgotten how beautiful the game world and animation of this game were, from the player character’s reflections in standing water to the execution of various Pokemon’s attack moves in battle. The colors are bright and cheerful, and the game feels like Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, but with a new lease on the franchise and a refreshed look and feel. Weather plays a much more interesting factor in battle, and get ready to encounter a horde of Pokemon at any point if you’re walking through tall grass. If you’ve never tried Pokemon X or Pokemon Y, or if Pokemon Black & White (1 OR 2) left a bad taste in your mouth, pick up either Pokemon X or Pokemon Y and prepare to be blown away by the latest generation of Pokemon games!



Image courtesy of EA.

Jason Bouwmeester, Editor

EA Access – Game Service

EA Access isn’t a game per say, but with the public launch of EA’s new game service on the Xbox One I thought I’d include it in this week’s Playlist. My goal for the Xbox One is to go 100% digital and EA Access is the next step in meeting that goal. I’ve had EA Access for two weeks now – started out by trying it with the $4.99/mth option – and I definitely think it’s worth it already. Not having a local place to rent video games, $4.99 to rent and play Battlefield 4 (which I would never have bought) for an entire month is definitely a great deal. Not only that, the service pays for itself if you buy one other EA game during that month as you get 10% off (excluding Titanfall) EA games and DLC. I’m looking forward to seeing what other games they add to the Vault and can forsee myself jumping on board with the $29.99/yr option.



Image courtesy of Nintendo.
Image courtesy of Nintendo.

Matt Lyons, Writer

Super Mario 3D World – Platformer

My gaming has slowed a little bit lately, but after watching some Let’s Players take on Super Mario 3D World I got the urge to go back and continue my quest to 100% everything without using a guide. So far all the stamps, green stars and gold flags are collected up to world six. It’s a surprising amount of fun taking your time on each level to find everything instead of blazing through them, but at the same time you learn the levels so when you are just running through them it’s like second nature. I can’t get over how well designed this game is. For me it’s pretty much this and Mario Kart 8 until Hyrule Warriors hits next month. For now you can catch me streaming throughout the week on my personal Twitch channel after 8PM EST most nights:




Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

Justin Jelinek, Associate Editor

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – RPG

It’s Skyrim, I’m confident we’ve all heard of it! I picked up the Legendary Edition during the Steam Summer Sale, and have enjoyed playing through some of the DLC that I didn’t buy on Xbox. I’ve been playing more of a stealth build – with heavy armor, yes, I’m just THAT stealthy – so you won’t see or hear my dude, but you’ll definitely take an arrow to the knee (and another to the face, just to be sure). I’ve beaten the game already on Xbox, but it’s been long enough since I’ve played that some of the side quests are still “new” and exciting.



That’s it for this week’s installment of The Playlist! What are you playing this week? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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