Windows 9 Preview May Be Arriving As Soon As Next Month


Business Insider is reporting that a Windows 9 preview may be coming as soon as next month. Microsoft has had mixed reviews over its Windows 8 OS and looks to be trying to improve things in the next iteration. Microsoft may be releasing this preview in hopes customers will take note of its efforts to make things better. The preview could be out late September or early October.

Windows 9 is expected to introduce some radical changes to the Windows ecosystem. Microsoft is aiming to fix some of the usability issues in Windows 8 by introducing a mini-Start menu, eliminating the Charms bar, and enabling “Metro”-style apps to run in windows on the desktop.

In short, whereas Windows 8 was primarily designed for touchscreen tablets and laptops, Windows 9 will take a step back and have a more traditional desktop OS look and feel.

Microsoft is also expected to bring Cortana into Windows 9 possibly integrating with Windows Phone a little more closely. Microsoft really took a gamble with 8 in predicting that users would want a more app-like, touch interface feel to their desktops and it appears they may have jumped the gun. Now they’re gambling on Windows 9 bringing back a bit of trust and confidence in the product. No pricing has been announced but we sure hope Microsoft goes the route of Apple and offers Windows 9 either for free or at a reasonable price.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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