Photo Analyzing App, Jetpac, Scooped Up By Google


A week doesn’t go by without Google dipping into their coffers to purchase a company, maybe that’s an exaggeration but it sure seems more frequent than not. This time around Google has picked up a photo analyzing application called, Jetpac. Jetpac aggregates photos from Facebook and Instagram to provide city guides and information to users. While Google has not officially announced the deal and we don’t have a dollar amount attached to the deal, Jetpac’s front page already announces the intention of joining Google.


Other applications from the company include Spotter and Deep Belief, which work on deep learning technology. Deep learning technology is a new field in machine learning research that leads to artificial intelligence. Using Jetpac’s Spotter, users can point their iPhone toward any object, with the phone responding by telling what it thinks the object is. Jetpac Deep Belief framework, on the other hand, is used to “teach” the application about different objects surrounding its users.

The technology behind the applications was inspired by the work of Google researcher Geoffery Hinton. In addition to the deep learning technology, Jetpac employs extensive photo analysis, which enables the City Guide application to inform its users how fancy a place is, whether it is pet-friendly or not, and even what dress code to follow.

Given Google’s primary business consists primarily of data collection, this move makes sense especially if there are algorithms or models that Google wants to implement into their own products. Google is great at innovating and creating things all on their own but they’ve also gotten to the point where it doesn’t hurt to just buy the stuff if someone else is already working on it and integrate it into their other products.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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