Destiny Writer Leaves Bungie For Telltale Games, Gives Us Hope That Game Of Thrones RPG Still Exists

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Destiny writer Joshua Rubin announced on Twitter today that he is leaving Bungie after two years at the company to join Telltale Games and work on their upcoming Game of Thrones RPG. Telltale has been mostly mum on the project since announcing it in December, and this is the first we’ve heard about the game in months.

Rubin himself is a six-year veteran on the video game writing scene, having previously worked on unannounced games for Capcom and Visceral Games.  Rubin also helped write the fantastic Assassin’s Creed 2 story. The latter was nominated for Best Video Game Writing in 2009 by the WGA, AIAS, and BAFTA.

Aside from being part of the team behind writing the all-new mythology behind Destiny, Rubin also worked on the cinematic and mission dialogue as well as a large majority of the flavor dialogue scattered around the open world such as lost mission logs that can be found.

In a short email exchange with Gamasutra, Rubin partially explained his reasoning for the move from Bungie to Telltale Games:

“[…] in the end, Bungie makes games about shooting aliens in the head. And while there’s a true art to ‘writing between the bullets’ — as Mr. Staten once said — I couldn’t turn down an offer from Telltale, to create games that are entirely about story.”

No word from Telltale Games or any confirmation of what exactly Rubin will be working on once he gets settled in at their California offices, but any news about Game of Thrones is good news in my book, as so far all we have this barren teaser below.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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