Follow Up: Character Models for Blizzard’s Tribute to Robin Williams Already Done?


A few weeks ago in the wake of the passing of entertainment legend Robin Williams, the folks at Blizzard Entertainment were petitioned to create a tribute in game for the World of Warcraft enthusiast. The petition succeeded and Blizzard tweeted that they were “taking care of it”. Well now the folks at might have uncovered just what the character tribute might look like in game.


The first is a blue “genie” model based off  of one the models used in Cataclysm. The blue hued genie is named “Robin<the Entertainer>” . The model was found in the data for the upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion. It’s likely that this model is just a starting point, like a placeholder,  for the final release version due out in November.

Notice the long gown and gray hair? (img via

In addition to model seen above, two other character models which bear a resemblance to well known characters portrayed by Williams are also tagged with “Robin” by name. One is a vague reference to his character of “Mork” on Mork and Mindy.  The other seems likely to be a nod to his Mrs. Doubtfire persona from Mrs. Doubtfire.

Mork from Ork? (img via

It’s entirely speculation at this point as to just how much more Blizzard has in mind for the Williams tribute or where “Robin The Entertainer” will be in the world of Azeroth. It seems likely that he will have some kind of various costume changes in his act wherever he may land. That would leave the door open for him to change into some of Williams’ other various characters (I’m hoping for a Peter Pan-esque tribute from the wonderful Hookpersonally). It’s safe to say though that Blizzard plans to do a good job of honoring Robin Williams for not only his work, but also to acknowledge a gamer and fellow World of Warcraft player.

What characters do you think Blizzard should incorporate into Robin The Entertainer’s act? Leave a comment below or hit us up on Google Plus, Facebook, or Twitter

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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